BitPerfect at SSI 2012BitPerfect is that rarest of audio gems.  Designed above all else for uncompromising audiophile quality, it is probably the lowest-cost high-end audio product you will ever buy.  It allows you to use iTunes as your primary music management tool.  Whenever you ask iTunes to play a music file, BitPerfect steps in behind the scenes and takes over.  BitPerfect is so simple to use that most of the time you won’t even know it’s there.  Even non-audiophiles love its simplicity.

Back in the heyday of Vinyl, it took decades for the industry to grasp the fundamental importance of the turntable in the playback chain, and to learn to design and manufacture turntables of true audiophile quality.  The same is true today of the computers which are overwhelmingly emerging as the music source of choice for audiophiles.  If we are to expect computers to deliver the ultimate in audio performance, then we ought to design them from the ground up for that precise purpose.  Today that remains, for most practical purposes, a distant goal.  But we can make some significant strides in the area of software, and BitPerfect is one of those strides.

Most computer experts will state categorically that provided it sends the correct digital data to your DAC, there is nothing more that the computer can contribute to sound quality.   In their view data is data, and computers are well understood in their ability to exchange massive quantities of data without managing to get a single bit wrong.  However, at BitPerfect we have discovered what a number of audiophiles are also beginning to understand – that how you manage audio playback in the software domain, even while maintaining “bit perfect” data performance, actually has a significant audible impact on sound quality.  BitPerfect’s proprietary 64-bit audio engine has been designed for one sole purpose, and accepts no compromises in delivering what we believe is unsurpassable audio quality from the Mac platform.

Beyond its audio engine, BitPerfect provides a number of additional features that we consider essential to audiophile playback.  First, it isolates the music output directed to the audio DAC from all of the beeps and burps that computers seem to insist on producing from time to time.  These instead are directed to the computer’s sound card (or wherever else you want them sent).  This so-called ‘Hog Mode’ means that only the music you select to play – and absolutely nothing else – is played back through your hi-fi system.  Second, BitPerfect automatically recognizes and handles the audio stream’s bit-depth and sample rate, and performs any conversions that may be necessary for your DAC to play the music – even if iTunes can’t.  Third, BitPerfect supports ‘Integer Mode’ playback, which many audiophiles believe is the most accurate playback mode of all, provided your DAC supports it, and only if your Mac is running Snow Leopard (or until Integer Mode is supported under Lion/Mountain Lion).  Finally, BitPerfect loads your music files into high-speed RAM memory and plays them from there, eliminating file I/O during playback.

We are confident that BitPerfect will provide you with the best audiophile quality sound source available in Computer Audio, and all for less than the cost of a compact disc.  If you are serious about music playback, you owe it to yourself to check it out.  BitPerfect runs on the Mac platform only, and is only available directly from the Mac App Store (click Here.).